Today, our Big Brothers Big Sisters brought students from Woodlands Secondary School to visit Gazprom Marketing & Trading, a subsidiary of the Gazprom group of companies, the world’s largest gas producer and one of the largest energy companies.

We had the opportunity to talk to Mr Serguei Edrenkine (General Director of Gazprom M&T Singapore), Mr Pavel Smotritskiy (Head of Shipping), Mr Fabian Tan (Senior Financial Business Partner) and many other wonderful people at Gazprom.

Just like many of us, these leaders all started off their journeys with many obstacles. Mr Fabian told us that he was struggling to pass his exams in his neighborhood school. He did not know what he wants to do well in. Instead, he eliminated all the things that he knew he did not want. In the end, he took a degree in Accountancy with minor in Human Resource, and worked his way to become a finance partner in Gazprom.

Mr Serguei told us a story of a young girl that he met in Russia. She could not afford to pay for a course overseas. She really wanted to study a course in finance. Despite her financial difficulties, she managed to find a way to study the course that she wanted. She decided to study in Korea, where she could work there to support her education fees. There were two things that we learnt from this: never let money be the reason to stop you from achieving your dreams, and you will always find a way as long as you keep on trying.

The session did not just stop there. The students from Woodlands Secondary School also had the opportunity to present to Gazprom on what they learnt during their time with BBBS at SSP 2018 Phase 1. They shared about various keywords that they found useful in their daily lives, such as “Transforming Impossible to I Am Possible”, “Effort Contributes to 50% of Succes” and “Education Is Key To The Future”. Everyone had a great time learning from each other.

We would like to thank Gazprom Marketing and Trading for spending their time with us. Their stories are really insightful, and the students from Woodlands Secondary School felt really motivated after the session. Stay tuned for more industrial visits with Sailing & Sustainability Program 2018 Phase 2!


Metazone BBBS

Metazone BBBS