On the 23rd of July, a group of SSP 2019 participants from Beatty Secondary School went on an industrial visit to Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd.

This is to share with you that GM&TS continues to support development of young generation of Singapore. This year, GM&TS hosted another group of 19 students from Beatty Secondary School at our office yesterday, on 23 July.

The main focus of this seminar at Gazprom is to show students that our employees also come from a variety of backgrounds. During the interactive conversations between our employees and the students, we aim to demonstrate that effort and right attitudes can enable the students to find good jobs and develop successful careers.



Our SSP participants being greeted by a friendly representative of Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd.

During the first seminar at Gazprom, several colleagues of ours from different business areas shared their success stories with the children. This time, GM&TS was represented by Serguei Edrenkine, Pavel Smotritskiy, Sonali Adappa, Tore Krogsmyr, Au-Yeung Chuen, Niket Mewada, Hannah Jia Yun Cheuk (Intern), Lee Cheng Chong (Intern) and Nikias Wagner, GPG Group Head of Communications.

 Main focus of the event was to educate the students important life skills and open perspectives on what it takes to become a successful candidate for their first dream job.

Key points of the conversations at GM&TS taken by the students this time were: “Do not lose personal identity and your true self”, “Perceive your real passion”, “Keep trying”, “Mistakes come with lessons”, “Be persistent in everything you do”, “Take challenges and use all opportunities to learn (this will help you not only to become a great professional but a more interesting person)”.

Just like many of the young guests, these leaders all started off their journeys with many obstacles. The conversations were focused to encourage the students to explore the definition of success beyond materialistic measures and promote trustworthiness, generosity and resilience.



Leaders of today seated across from Leaders of the future.

The session did not just stop there. The students from Beatty Secondary School also had the opportunity to present to the Gazprom team on what they learnt during their time with BBBS at SSP earlier on. They shared about various keywords that they found useful in their daily lives, such as “Transforming Impossible to Possible”, “Effort Contributes to 50% of Success” and “Education Is Key To The Future”.

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Country Chair

Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd