This Week, Our BBBS members were given the opportunity to take part in the 21st SMU-Raffles Marina Western Circuit Sailing Regatta. We were given the opportunity to be part of experienced sailors from Sangaree and Xtramile. Sangaree emerged as Champions in the PY Class and Xtramile emerged as 2nd runner-up in the IRC A Class!

This was the first time our members had raced on a boat larger than an SB20. And I have to say we did have an amazing time both learning and sailing at the same time. We were often in a neck to neck position with other race boats in our class. However, with great effort put into communication and teamwork, we were able to pull off as champions at the end of the day.

Ash, a BBBS member who was part of Sangaree’s race crew said: “Teamwork and clear communication is essential on a boat that requires 11 people to race in it. I also learned to remain focused on my designated task and not get distracted by what the other crew members are doing. I’m grateful for being able to sail with some of the experienced racers onboard. They were firm but also patient when guiding me on what to do during the race. It was worth all the muscle aches I had after the regatta.”

Ben, a BBBS member who was part of Xtramile’s Race crew said: “The regatta was an eye-opening event to me. Being my first sailing race,  I have learnt of how a sailing race felt. There was the rush and stress of a race especially when everyone was gunning to win. There were many unexpected moments during a race and one must be able to calm ourselves and solve the situation. I realized how important teamwork is in a larger boat as each person has his own role to play, no matter how small. Every small change can lead to the sailboat moving faster. Overall I had a lot of fun during the race learning from the experiences and just having the wind blow again your face.”

Vino, a BBBS member who was part of Sangaree’s race crew said: “This regatta was the first time I have ever raced on a PY Class boat. It was a really enjoyable experience. Being part of the team made me realize how important even a minor part of a boat is when racing. And how focus is key even when all hell is let loose onboard. A huge thanks to BBBS and the team on Sangaree for giving me the opportunity to live through such a memorable experience! I am definitely looking forward to next year’s regatta!”

Through this regatta, our members have learnt and showcased many qualities such as tolerance,  the ability to adapt quickly and kindness. With the rekindled fire in their hearts and skills developed over time with us, these BBBS members have made us proud. We look forward to participating in more regattas in the future!


Article Written by: Vinoshini

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