On 6th September, Our Big Brother Big Sister Programme together with a group of mentees from Bartley Secondary School and Bendemeer Secondary School part of the Sailing and Sustainability Programme were given the opportunity to visit SUSS as part of the second phase of the camp.


Our Mentees were brought on a tour around the campus to visit popular student hotspots.

The students were given the opportunity to go on a tour led by our volunteers, around the campus of SUSS, where they visited many hotspots around the campus. After the tour, our mentees were greeted by Yeo Lay, a Specialist from the Office of Service-Learning. 

Ms. Lay shared with our mentees about the many possible ways one can end up in Universities such as SUSS. She also shared information about school fees in the university and about the different types of financial aid available to fund tertiary education.

Ms. Yeo Lay sharing her knowledge about SUSS with our mentees from Bartley Secondary School and Bendemeer Secondary School.

Ms. Lay also shared about the basic facilities available for the students and gave a gist of what university life is like with our mentees. She also shared the admission criteria with our mentees and emphasized on particular subjects that are important for admission. She also took the opportunity to share that though living the university life seems difficult, it is not impossible as our mentors from the various universities are living examples.

Following Ms. Lay’s address, our mentees from the different schools were given the opportunity to share the values they had learned during Phase one of the camp and how they have been applying the values learned in their daily lives.

Our mentees from Bartley Secondary school sharing their experience from Phase one with their peers. 

We would like to thank SUSS for hosting us with such enthusiasm. The valuable information shared with our mentees has made an important impact in terms of inspiring them to join universities in their future. We look forward to the future visits with the Sailing and Sustainability programme.