Hillgrove Secondary School students were very privileged to be invited to Glencore, a multinational trading commodity and mining company, on July 25 for their Phase 2 industrial visit at Temasek Tower.

Ms Yuan Yuan, Head of Analytics team in Glencore, kickstarted with an introduction on Glencore and how the analytics team function. In her talk, she covered some trading concepts, such as buying goods at a low price and selling it at a higher price to make a profit, the different types of oil and their uses and market cycle. It was indeed an enriching session.


Ms Yuan introducing Glencore to our SSP participants.

Students of Hillgrove Secondary School were listening attentively and taking down notes.


Our SSP participants diligently taking notes during Ms Yuan’s sharing session.

The analytics team prepared a mini game for students of Secondary School help them to better understand and internalize the concepts taught.


Our SSP participants taking part in a game organised by staff from Glencore.

Students of Hillgrove Secondary shared their experiences and learning outcomes on their 3-days day camp in Phase 1.


Our SSP participants sharing their SSP experience with the audience of the day.

We were very fortunate to have the chance to have a tour on trading floor led by Glencore’s Managing Director, Mr Quek Chin Thean.