The BBBS Group started the 2020 sailing year with the launching of the BBBS Racer Program.  On top of taking young students on the sailboats to teach values and sustainability, our sailors entered two of our SB20s in the SB20 Asian Pacific Grand Slam 2020 Regatta in February this year.

BBBS racing in-action

For many in the BBBS group, this was their very first major regatta.  And, in a one-design racing class that sees both the best national sailors and international sailors competing aggressively throughout the fleet.

We faced variable wind conditions throughout the regatta, from very calm and windless conditions to roaring 20 plus knots gusty storms. Instead of our regular mentoring and facilitation program, we switched into racing mode, reaching for the optimal lines and that perfect spinnaker hoist on the top mark.

BBBS Group during the race

So why did we race on an SB20 in a Team?

Of the many positive benefits that accumulate in our young sailors when they start racing, one of the most important outcomes is the beginning of their journey to become Self Aware. When you train and race with four other teammates and face tiredness, excitement, failure, success, and disappointment to a celebration. One really starts to develop Self Awareness with the help of our Teammates and the different experiences in both training and actual racing.

Heading back to shore after the race

I believe our racers very quickly develop a clear perception of their personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions. This, in turn, allows our racers to understand other people, how they perceive us, our attitude to others, and our responses to them.

As a result, Self-awareness is vital in taking control of your life, creating what you want, and mastering your future. It also helps you choose how and where to focus your energy, emotions, personality, and reactions.

So this is why BBBS races. The 2 teams came back home to RSYC not only better sailors but also better people.

The BBBS Group at the SB20 Asian Pacific Grand Slam 2020 Regatta

Zu, one of our members from the BBBS Group shared his regatta experience: “The Asian Grand Slam was a good opportunity for BBBS Group to field a mix of veteran and new racers alike, to learn and grow as sailors. Having been through a couple of regattas now, personally, it was a good chance for me to hone my skills and rid bad habits. Ultimately shaving off precious seconds which could prove vital for races. Apart from sailing, the competition provided a base for camaraderie within racers of other organizations and the rise of new talents such as the university teams who have clinched a top 3 spot this time round.”

Please come and race with us.  Join us as BBBS Racers at RSYC, and let us start this journey together.

Uncle Jevan

Written By : Jevan Tan

Founder of Metazone | Mentor