Yacht racing is immensely powerful in developing all aspects of our values.

In 2020 we created the BBBS Racer Program to develop our Seniors first as competent racing crews then as skippers to lead their own teams. We use the SB20 keelboat as a platform to expose our Seniors to the highest levels of yacht racing competition in Singapore. More recently our fleet has expanded with the addition of an 8m racing yacht which allows us to compete in other competitive sailing events in Singapore.

Come Sail with us!

We know that many of our supporters would enjoy the opportunity to experience sailing, first-hand. We have created a program that allows for our supporters to sail with us on our racing yachts, under the guidance of our mentors. We channel funds from this program back into the BBBS Racer Program to support maintenance and administrations for upcoming regattas.

Our Yachts are based at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club. Sessions run Sundays 9-12pm and 1pm to 4pm.

For further details please contact Greg Goddard on +65 92717383 or simply send us an email to contactus@metazone.org