Website Membership

You can choose your type of membership that you want on the website. Here are the types of membership:

1. Student
2. Teacher
3. BBBS Member (Requires administrator’s approval)

The administrator has the right to reject/remove any membership if deemed suspicious or harmful, so as to protect our existing members and the integrity of the website.

Website Features

User Menu

Once you log in, you may view and edit your profile under User and Account. BBBS Members may view other members in Members.

For any feedbacks and proposals for our BBBS Programme, fill up the form in Feedback & Suggestion.

BBBS members may also write their entries and upload media in BBBS Diary. For entries with regards to sailing, BBBS members may update it in BBBS Sailing Log.


You may also RSVP in any of the events under Events. If you don’t have an account but want to join the event, please approach any of the BBBS members to RSVP for you.

For more details, please email us at