Metazone Limited

From Values come Inclusive Decisions that result in Sustainable Outcomes

We will increasingly be exposed to Greater Systemic Uncertainty and Fragility into our World.

Redefining Sustainability

Metazone Limited

Metazone intends to seek and develop opportunities to empower individuals and communities to address their deteriorating external environment and create positive circumstance for Sustainable Development.

Nurturing our Next Generation

Youth acceleration by connecting schools and industry. Values through doing, and guidance thru mentoring. We use a sailboat and the sea to teach values and sustainability.

Big Bro Big Sis Program

Mentoring Program of Young adults and students with a desire to give back to others that are less fortunate and lacking in opportunity. Fully volunteer based. Partnered with, and based in Republic of Singapore Yacht Club.

Sailing and Sustainability Program

Annual community youth program that uses the sailboats and the sea to teach Values and Sustainability, free to all students who need the opportunity and partnered with our local secondary schools. Organized and run by our Big Bro Big Sis group of Young adults, with the continuous support of Outward Bound School, Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, Changi Sailing Club, Raffles Marina & various Corporate Partners.

Corporate Mentoring and Facilitation

Metazone is partnered with over 30 leading multinationals, local companies and higher learning institutions . C Suite corporate leaders work closely with the BBBS group to mentor and provide positive pathways to the youth in our various programs. Understanding the journeys of business leaders and the way positive values propels one ahead. From participation in our SSP program, corporate visits to internships and finally job placement if necessary.

Feed the World

Food, and feeding our communities will become increasingly difficult and challenging.

Discovering and facilitating new natural agricultural technologies and science; creating a nutrient dense, high yield sustainable farming systems to feed hungry communities.

Urban Farming Initiative

Transforming a new generation to address increasingly decreasing inventories of food

Soil Health & Remediation

Microbial Solutions, Carbon Cycles, and Living Biology Solutions

Sustainable Agriculture

Natural Genetics and improved yield to feed hungry communities

Regenerative Farming

Improving farm yields through change in practice, rebuilding carbon, water absorption and enhancing the nitrogen cycle and organic matter

Fix Our World

Climate change and wide spread pollution has brought about deteriorating living environment and community health.

Facilitating and Developing programs that contribute towards fixing the Oceans as quickly as possible, addressing and resolving poverty and suffering starting from our costal communities.

Additionally, promoting the use and development of Renewable Energy as a better energy alternative.

Blue Carbon & Carbon Sequestration

Re growing and conserving mangrove, Sea grasses, seaweed in conjunction with costal poverty abatement

Renewable Energy

Promote the use and development of renewable energy programs, in conjunction with sustainable development programs

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Metazone Limited is a non profit organization registered in Singapore


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