The Sailing and Sustainability Program Phase 1 2019 is finally here! In preparation for the camp, our facilitation team conducted a leadership training event for potential student leaders from secondary schools that are participating in our camp. The students were put through a series of activities that taught them how to facilitate a group effectively while instilling the core values of the Sailing and Sustainability program.

Participants taking part in the group activities to teach team bonding and other values of SSP.

Mr. Stefano Grasso, general manager of Eni Trading & Shipping Singapore,  joined us during the pre-camp facilitation session to mentor our participants on the core values of the Sailing and Sustainability program. He gave valuable insights on how effort makes more than 50% of success, that truly impacted our students. Here’s what a student Claire from woodlands secondary school took back from his speech: ” I learned that having patience is very important. Throughout the challenges he went through during the times he got injuries and he was traveling around the world, he was able to move forward to do what he needed to. In order to be able to move on and continue with what we are doing, it is important to have the resilience to be able to go forward from the hardest things in life”.

Mr. Stefano Grasso giving a speech on how effort makes more than 50% of success.

The students were also given a chance to experience the sailboat. Our experienced sailors and coaches taught the participants the basic parts of a sailboat and how to maneuver one. Our participants were also given the chance to practice tacking and gybing on land simulators.

 A student from Hillgrove secondary school learning how to tack on a sailboat.

The speech by Mr. Stefano Grasso, together with the activities conducted, reinforced the core values of the Sailing and Sustainability program in the participants successfully. The students left with newly learned skills, values and bright smiles on their faces. Our heartiest thanks to Mr. Stefano Grasso for spending his valuable time with our participants and instilling values in them.