Sticky Beak

Sticky Beak in the race

This month, our BBBS team participated in the RSYC Regatta 2018. One of our team, Sticky Beak, emerged as 2nd place in the SB 20 fleet race! It was a neck and neck race with the 1st place, Glasgow Kiss.

Picture of Sticky Beak and Glasgow Kiss

Sticky Beak (yellow sail) and Glasgow Kiss (white sail) competing in the race

Our 2 teams, Sticky Beak and Bandit, comprised of many first-timers in racing. Although it was their first time in a sailing competition, they have been training really hard. They have displayed really great teamwork, just like other seasoned sailors. With good communication and coordination, they pulled off a good fight against many other sailors during the regatta.

Sticky Beak Crew

Sailors on Sticky Beak (From left to right: Zhen, Jeremiah, Jerick, Ash)

Zhen, the skipper of Sticky Beak, said: “Competing in sailing regattas has always been my passion, especially in team events. The highs and lows that a team experiences together form a special friendship and mutual respect that isn’t easily formed elsewhere. Ash and Jerick were great. It was their 1st time racing in the SB20, but they were ready and quick to learn! This is all one can ask for. Together, we gave it our best over the next 3 days, while managing to secure the 2nd overall! Proud of the result, but prouder of how we got there. A big thanks to Jevan and June for inviting me!”

Team Bandit and its crew

Sailors on Bandit (From left to right: Andre, Lyanna, Zunaied, Zandra)

Leah, one of the BBBS members, commented: “The RSYC Regatta 2018 was an interesting first regatta experience. I enjoyed learning about the sequence of the races from the race director, as well as watching all the sailors put in a great effort for the races.”

Vino, a BBBS member who helped out in the racing committee, said: “This Year’s Regatta was a rollercoaster ride that I enjoyed very much, From racing on Xtra-mile to cheering for Sticky Beak and Bandit. I am very grateful to Metazone’s Big Brother Big Sister Programme (BBBS) for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful event and I am eagerly looking forward to next year’s Regatta to learn more than what I have this year!”


BBBS Team at the end of the Regatta

The BBBS Team has shown many great qualities, such as sportsmanship and graciousness, during the regatta. With the passion and skills that they have, they have done BBBS proud. We look forward to seeing them compete in future regattas!

More photos of RSYC Regatta 2018

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