In the month of August, a group of student mentors from BBBS and students from  Bedok View Secondary and Bartley Secondary were given the opportunity to visit Coca-Cola Pte Ltd.  Coca-Cola has taken many efforts for environmental sustainability in terms of water efficiency and many other aspects.

Our team was greeted by a friendly team of staff from Coca-Cola who shared with us that “You may encounter failure along the way, as long as through the process, you pick something up, it’s more meaningful than just getting straight to success.” They also shared that regretting something you have done is not going to get you anywhere. You have to pick yourself up and persevere through the “recovery” period.

Mr. Johar(HR Manager of Coca-Cola Pte Ltd ) sharing his experience with the Secondary School students.

Our second speaker of the day, Mr. Johar (HR Manager of Coca-Cola Pte Ltd) shared with us that if you have set your mind upon something, you need to have confidence in yourself to achieve it. You do not have to do big things to gain confidence. Simple actions that you do can help you gain the confidence you need.

Our third speaker, Mr. Boon Tat (Senior Sales Team Leader) shared using his personal experience that if you keep persevering through the process of achieving something, you will achieve big things in the end. He also shared that life will throw many curve balls at you. “ If one day you are at your Up, and suddenly you go down, it’s not the end.” There are many ways you can pick yourself up. All you have to do is put in a little bit of effort into thinking how to pick yourself up and what can you do to avoid such falls again. 

Mr. Boon Tat (Senior Sales Team Leader) sharing his personal experience with the secondary school students.

Our fourth speaker Mr. Chestal Tan shared similar ideas as Mr. Boon Tat, he emphasized that it is key to never fear encountering failure, and that one should pick himself up and move on. He used examples from the environmentally sustainable efforts trialed by Coca-Cola to drive her point throughout to the students.

Our fifth speaker, Mr Mohd Ismail Ibrahim (EHS & Sacurity Manager) shared that about how important team dynamics is to Multinational Cooperations (MNCs) such as Coca-Cola. He also shared that confidence in one’s self is an important factor that will help him/her move ahead in their journey of life.

Mr. Mohd Ismail Ibrahim (EHS & Sacurity Manager) sharing his experience. 

Our sixth and final speaker, Mr. Edward Toh (Contact Centre Manager) shared his experience in the frontier of the service line. He emphasized that one should grab opportunities when given and should never fear speaking up.

Here’s what our Big Brother Big Sisters have to say about this event:

“I agreed with most of the things the corporate mentors have stated, I do feel that the kids might have had big takeaways because they are still growing and aren’t that sure of certain things in the future yet, so most of the key points mentioned might have impacted them in a way or another. Anyway, it is a great experience and to be able to visit the Coca-Cola office, the place where the drinks I’ve been drinking since young are made and ‘designed’, was rather cool ;)”- Sabrina Chin

“One thing that impacted me personally was about always sharing and caring for the people around me. I think that the students are able to relate to the speakers because they all have a common background of coming from a government school. With things in common, the students can aspire and get influenced by the speakers.”- Si Ying


Students from Bedok View Secondary School Sharing their experience from SSP Phase 1 2018.

The students were also given the opportunity to share their experience and takeaways from the sailing and sustainability programme phase 1 camp. They emphasized how each activity had a link to the keywords of each day and how it has shaped them into a better version of themselves. We believe that this small act of guidance will bring about a shift in their internal compass by a bit in their journey of discovering themselves and working towards a better future.

Students from Bartley Secondary school sharing their experience from SSP Phase 1 with the company staff.

We would like to thank Coca-Cola Pte Ltd and their team of staff for hosting us with such enthusiasm. Their valuable experiences have made an important impact on the students that can never be bought. We look forward to the future office visits with the Sailing & Sustainability Program 2018 Phase 2.