On 12th September 2018, Bendemeer Secondary School visited Eni, an international energy company. We are fortunate to have a few speakers from Eni to share their thoughts and experiences. 

Stefano Grasso, the General Manager for the Singapore branch, shared with us three of the company’s pillars framework for feedback: Courage to Change; Teamwork; Knowledge and Know-how.


Photo credit: Ng Wee Nghee

Mr. Stefano Grasso sharing his experience at Eni Trading with our mentees.

When Stefano was younger, he had to move from Italy to New York. This was a huge challenge for him as he was not exposed to English. Being scared, he was reluctant to leave Italy at first. However, he built up the courage to change, stepped out of his comfort zone and headed to New York. Now he feels that those two years in New York was the best experience for him, and traveling to different regions has become much easier for him.


Photo credit: Ng Wee Nghee

Ms. Siew Li sharing her experience at Eni Trading with our mentees.

Ms. Siew Li, an Oil Trader in Eni, shared with us an episode that she encountered during her time at her previous company. While transporting oil across vessels of different sizes, she had to climb up the ship with a rope ladder (instead of a proper staircase) that was three stories high. Feeling unsafe, she informed her directors even though there was a possibility of her being fired for not doing the job. Fortunately, her directors were very particular with safety and recognized her decision for ensuring safe practices in the workplace.

Siew Li believes that education is a part of life, but it is of greater importance to develop on a skill which drives you to achieve more. Build on soft skills, such as networking, to boost your confidence and resourcefulness. With more people in your social circle, you will be able to get more opportunities to pursue greater heights.

Photo credit: Ng Wee Nghee

Mr. Azhar sharing his personal experiences with our mentees.

Mr. Azhar Ahmad, the Shipping Operation In-Charge, started his career in the oil and shipping industry 16 years ago. He was not willing to join his first company at first. But when he was there, he started to gain knowledge about the industries from his mentors. Slowly, he developed an interest in this field and a sense of pride in his work. Something that was trying to avoid at first became his passion.

Azhar also encouraged the students to keep improving and never restrict yourself, especially when you encounter failures along the way. Be brave to seek for help, as it will not just help you to solve a problem, but also to develop a new relationship with the person helping you.

Photo credit: Ng Wee Nghee

Mr. Jeffrey sharing his personal experience with our mentees. 

Mr. Jeffery, a trader for crude oil, shared his experiences about stepping out of his comfort zone. He made a bold move from China to Singapore and work here. Fortunately, His company helped him to be successful.

Jeffery strongly believes in equality. He said, “no job is meant for men, no job is meant for women.” He believes that you decide your own dream, and you walk your own path.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the member of Eni Trading and Shipping for sharing their wisdom and experiences with the students of Bendemeer. We hope that it was a meaningful session that encourages these students to seek improvement and climb higher in life.

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