On 10th December 2018, members of BBBS’19 visited Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM), an integrated maritime solutions provider with services in ship operations, maintenance and training. BSM has a strong heritage in the shipping industry, with over 130 years of experience, 20000 employees and managing a fleet of over 640 vessels.

Our host from Bernhard Schulte Ship management sharing their experience with our members.

During the visit, the members are introduced to the multitude of services required to keep a ship in operation. This includes crew training, maintenance, insurance and much more. BSM also shared about the importance of working closely with ship owners in order to deliver the best possible operating condition. This highlighted the importance of teamwork – not just within the organization, but also between organizations.

Our volunteers intently listening to the sharing by our hosts from Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement

In particular, the sharing by Director Mr. Hardy Romahn, Assistant Fleet Director,  was very memorable. He explained how his passion to see the world motivated him to take on a career on a ship. In addition, several staff from BSM also shared about their career experiences. Hillgrove Secondary School student Shafi’e said that “I was surprised at the broad range of opportunities in the shipping industry”. 

If we were to summarise the learning of this visit in one word, that will be initiative. The initiative to ask for help. The initiative to seek new clients. The initiative to find new innovations in ship management. One staff shared that she was able to discover her passion because she took the initiative to try out in another department. Or, as My Hardy put simply, “you just have to ask!”.

Our hosts from Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement sharing their personal experience with smaller our members.

Following the sharing, the participants broke into smaller groups to have a chit-chat session with the BSM staff. While sharing about their life experiences, the staff also used this opportunity to share some “pro-tips” on career. It was very motivating for SUSS student Valerie, who said that “speakers gave an insightful view to adulthood which was very encouraging and assuring.”

We would like to thank the team at Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement and their team for the insightful and engaging sharing. You really broadened our perspectives on the maritime industry, and what it means to be a true sailor! 

Written by: Hao Jie