On the last day of phase 1, our participants were given the chance to experience sailing on boats such as bytes and bigger keelboats. The core values of the day were turning impossible to I’M possible and life is a journey. Many a times our participants feel that studying or even dealing with daily issues seems impossible. Through the activities planned for them, we hoped to show them that though something may seem impossible at first if we were to put in the effort to try it may become slightly more possible. And even if it remains impossible, life goes on.

Photo credit:WN

SSP 2019 participants taking turns to go onto the sailboat(Heatwave).

In ties with this, we had a mentor interaction session where mentors from different corporations were invited to join us for the day. Each mentor spent their valuable time with at least one group, sharing with our participants their values and experiences that have brought them thus far. Mentors introducing themselves to the SSP 2019 cohort.

Overall, SSP Phase 1 was an enriching experience not only for our secondary school participants but also for our volunteers. Here’s what Jovi one of our student volunteers, has to share about her experience at the camp.”They were a nice sweet bunch to be with. They started off being unenthusiastic about the camp activities and games, but they got over it and worked together as a group and with the house. I guess I tried to let them understand that they can all learn or take away something from the camp, such as friendships and new experiences and facilitated the activities such that they could all participate and contribute in their own way. I am excited to see how they would grow as individuals and as a group in phase 3 of the SSP camp.” With that, we wrap up SSP Phase 1 2019, Now off to Phase 2 of our camp!