On 17 July 2019, the Sailing and Sustainability Programme (SSP) brought students from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School and Orchid Park secondary school to the Singapore office of ENI Trading and Shipping. Mr Stefano Grasso, General Manager of the office, started the session by introducing the history of ENI and how being a multinational company brought the company from Italy to Singapore. 

Eni Trading & Shipping is the dedicated commodity trading arm of ENI. The company supports ENI‘s businesses by trading crudes, refined products, natural gas, power, environmental products and LNG, leveraging ENI‘s existing strengths and networks. The parent company, ENI S.p.A is an Italian oil and gas super-player – operating in 67 countries worldwide and employing more than 30,000 people.  

Mr. Stefano Grasso introducing ENI to our SSP participants.

After Mr Grasso’s introduction, our students from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary school shared their experience from the Sailing and Sustainability program. They focused on 4 main themes to share with ENI. 

  1. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone
  2. Keeping calm and carrying on
  3. Together everybody achieves more
  4. Turning impossible into I’M possible

Secondary two students, Jolin and Atiqah shared how the four values were taught and reinforced using the sport of sailing during their SSP Phase one camp. For instance, during the Capsize drill, they were taught to “Keep calm and carry on”. Although they were scared, as sailing is something very new to them, they kept calm when they had to learn how to capsize. This is so that they can remember and apply how they were taught to bring the boat back upright, execute the manoeuvre and to get back on course. They also shared with us how this taught them to keep calm during times of difficulties in school, and to steady themselves so that they can have the resilience to get back on track.

Students from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary school sharing their SSP experience with our hosts from ENI.

Mr Grasso introduced 3 of ENI’s staff that shared about their experiences with the students.

Mr Ben, a trader in the ENI’s LNG department shared his humble life experience with the students. A particular statement made a huge impression “Treat every failure as a practice and through these failures, learn from your mistakes.” He also advised students that although some of subjects that they are learning now might not be used in the future, it is not about the content that is taught, but rather, the takeaway from the process of learning and how you apply them in the future.

Ms Eilinawati, Operations Specialist, was next to share her story with us. She emphasized on the importance of the need to step out of one’s comfort zone. She stressed, “When you step out of your comfort zone, it won’t be easy. It will never be easy. But with every obstacle you encounter, treat it as an opportunity and learn.” 

Last but not least, Mr. Azhar Ahmad touched on the importance of teamwork and the benefits of working in a team. He reminded the students “There would always be someone out there that knows something that you don’t. When the time comes, that person will help the team achieve what it was tasked to do. That’s the beauty of working in teams. So always be receptive and be open to people.”

ENI employees sharing their valuable experiences with our SSP participants.

The students also had the opportunity to interact with the ENI employees after the group sharing session. Some of the students went up to Ben and Ms Eilinawati. Ahmad Ibrahim students, Jolin and Atiqah were very interested in overseas opportunities. The corporate mentors were very kind to share with them their experience and also some advice from their teenage years. Our older students and interns were very intrigued by the level of maturity and curiosity from the secondary school students. This shows the effectiveness of the talks in providing positive influence to their mindset.

It was an impactful session for the students as they left the office filled with information and encouragement from the ENI employees.

Thank you ENI for hosting us at your office again this year. We had a great time and have learnt a lot from you!

Written by: Gordon