14th October, 2019.

Awakening a sense of possibility – a visit to Eurosport Auto

For me, the opportunity to visit Lamborghini was not to be missed. Many of us probably have a story about the first time they saw and heard a Lamborghini and how it made them feel. I remember the shape, the sound of the Lambo Countach in an early 80’s movie “The Cannonball Run”. When the Dealer started up the V12 engine during our visit, all of those fond memories came flooding back to me. 

Aside from the stunning cars that we saw, we visited the garages at Alpha and Lamborghini where maintenance and repairs were on-going. We saw some diagnostic equipment used to check that the car systems were working properly, and we heard from the marketing people. This experience gave us an appreciation of the many layers of people involved to make Lamborghini and Alpha Romeo successful brands. 

For young people considering what they might choose as career paths, the luxury sports car market requires people for many important roles including design & engineering of the cars, parts manufacture, repairs, maintenance, customization, marketing and sales to name just a few. If you have a passion for luxury sports cars there could be a place for you in this industry. But if your passion is not for cars, you can apply the same thought process to other industries.

We heard from a few kids that owning a Lamborghini was beyond them. Joshua Goh, EuroSports Assistant Manager expressed his view to the kids that “good grades come from hard work which teaches us discipline, and through discipline comes opportunity and choices in life… if you work hard you can have a Lamborghini”. 

SSP Participants Exploring different car models during the visit to Lamborghini.

We should remember that the goal of owning a Lamborghini is a metaphor for “whatever in life that is important to you”. If you work hard, be disciplined in seeking knowledge and applying your talents, you too can have whatever you want. That could be a Lamborghini, or a yacht to sail around the world on, or the ability to help other people financially. From hard work and commitment comes the ability to make different life choices.

All Secondary-2 kids who live in Singapore have tremendous opportunity to lead fulfilling careers, perhaps more-so than most other countries. To think otherwise is a limiting belief.

We form beliefs about the world from friends, family, school, television, etc and these beliefs help us make sense of the world we live in. A limiting belief is one which keeps our life small (safe, predictable and usually unfulfilling), and which prevents us from being all that we can be.

SSP Participants sharing their experience from our Phase 1 camp with their peers.

The exciting part of our life’s journey is that as we grow we become aware of these stories we keep telling ourselves. We can choose to change our beliefs and the possibilities of our life journey. 

Always remember to transform ‘Impossible’ to ‘I am possible’. Already we can see some remarkable young people who are now on a trajectory that may have been unimaginable just a few short years ago. For example, Shahada joined the Sailing and Sustainability program when she was 14. During the camps it was noticed that she displayed great tenacity when facing difficulties, but yet radiate patience and generosity in helping the people around her. She subsequently joined the Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS) leadership program, and also went on to sail competitively for Metazone. Shahada skippers the SB20 “XOCO” and leads a team of women sailors from the BBBS program in the local SB20 scene.

Be inspired by young people like Shahada and remember to dream big.

Thank you for inviting me to join this special corporate event with the kids, and I look forward to my first camp at the end of October.

Uncle Greg,

Written by: Greg Goddard

Mechanical Engineer / Project Manager / Oil & Energy Sector / Mentor / Metazone Coach.