On 14 Sep 2019 BBBS hosted Members from RSYC to experience the Metazone way of sailing. Not only did we host Members, but their families too. Our guests for the day were aged 5-65 years old. Our BBBS have proven to us via our SSP camps that they can take on the challenge of hosting passengers aged 14-16 on sailboats. However, they have little experience working with passengers younger than that. So let’s see what our Big Brothers and Big Sisters have to say about their experiences. 

Jing Ming taking a 5-year-old passenger on the byte for the first time.

Here’s what Hao Jie, one of our seasoned sailors have to say about their experience during that sail: ”The RSYC members sail is an excellent opportunity for members to understand what BBBS is all about. It is also a great opportunity for our BBBS sailors to practice skippering a boat with first-time sailors. I am glad that the members find this an enjoyable and engaging experience, and appreciate the effort undertaken by the BBBS volunteers in preparing and executing this event.” 

RSYC members on board Cavatiny(Right) and J24(Left) with our coaches

Our BBBS now have proven to us that regardless of being experienced or not, as long as we put in the effort to step out of our comfort zone and be patient and resilient in doing what we do, we can achieve an intended outcome. As for this session, that was to engage our passengers well and give them an experience that they may not have had before. A week after the sail, our handwork was shown to be fruitful. How? You may ask. Well, You know you’ve done a good job when you walk past someone you don’t remember, and they ask “are you from Metazone?” This shows that we have made an impact on those who have joined us.