During the months of July to October, BBBS also hosted our members for the level 1 sailing program. Our sailors were put through 3 months of sailing training in preparation for their level one training. A mixture of new and older batches of BBBS joined the training program. The course taught our sailors a mixture of both theoretical and practical sailing skills.

Here’s what Darwish one of our sailors have to say about his experience during the course of the program, “What i experienced during the level 1 training program was a smooth and well-planned schedule, we had the time ratio leaning slightly towards practical as water time is crucial for familiarising with the byte. The theory lessons were straightforward and made easy to understand.”

Darwish(left) and shahadah(right) training on bytes.

Lionel who was once part of the BBBS team, coached our new sailors together with other coaches. He also shared his experience about coaching our sailors,” I took up this Level 1 program with the goal of developing not just sailors, but future coaches capable of guiding future generations of students in sailing. Throughout the program, there were setbacks such as damaged equipment and conflicting schedules. However, the students have shown their determination in completing the course and have come to treat the club as their home and their boats as their own. They regularly come for trainings despite having demonstrated skills beyond the level 1 syllabus, displaying their passion for sailing and the mindset that learning never ends. In summary, it is rare to find a program where the coaches can learn as much from the students, as the students from them.”

Here’s what Lyanna has to say about her experience during the level 1 saling traning program run by us, “The level 1 training program is a good avenue for the big brothers and big sisters to hone their sailing skills on a byte and prepare for the Sailing & Sustainability Program. Over the well- structured sessions, BBBS’ dedicated coaches – Joelle and Lionel – taught the team vital skills that we need to know to be proficient in sailing and to ensure the participants’ safety during SSP. This enhanced the team’s confidence is delivering a fun and safe sailing expedition. While the program is tailored to ensure that partakers are competent to pass the Level 1 test, the skills taught sets a good foundation for our BBBS to be better sailors on bigger boats in the future.”

Debriefing session on sailing technique conducted by Mr.Matteo who joined us during one of our sessions.

With that, we would like to congratulate all level 1 certified sailors on their newest journey to being a better sailor.